Essential Services

Essential Services

Busy Pencils Innovations ltd offers a list of other services that gives client a way to harness our expertise to solve their specific business needs. These are;

Pitch Deck Creation

We create convincing Pitch decks professionally structured to supplement the business plan. The keys to an ideal Pitch Deck are visual design aesthetic, a good exposure of a need and how a client’s concept fills that need, focus on the essential success factors of your start-up, designated milestones and growth targets.

Start-up Pitch Deck needs to be slightly adjusted to address the particular focus of investor (VCs, Angel, bank etc.).

We help clients create visually appealing pitch deck that are professionally structured based on specifications and purpose of use.

Prerequisite: A comprehensive business plan is required to develop a Pitch Deck.

PowerPoint Presentation Creation

Communication is at the core of our services as we pride ourselves on our commitment to assisting clients share their company’s strengths with clarity.

We offer customised business plan Power Point Presentations that enhances a better understanding of clients’ businesses – its mission, mode of operation and clearly communicates the business vision in a compelling way to customers, clients and potential investors. Your presentation will also include compelling visuals and showcases images of your products and services.

Prerequisite: A comprehensive business plan is required to develop the PowerPoint Presentation.

Business Proposals

A business proposal is a written document sent to a prospective client in order to secure a specific job. A lot of entrepreneurs and companies have an unmet need to send out business proposals to clients in order to obtain a specific job. Others may have difficulty putting together a proposal in response to a government or other corporate organizations’ request for proposal (RFP). A well written business proposal is an important step to securing any contract with an organisation.

Our team of experienced writers have the expertise to assist you produce winning business proposals and proposal letters that are capable of elevating your company and give you a higher success rate in securing contracts and bids. Come to us and be amazed by our competitive rates and the high quality of our services.

Grant Writing

At Busy Pencils Innovations ltd, we are familiar with the practice of grant writing and have mastered the art of what goes into a successful grant proposal and are committed to doing it well. A well written grant proposal showcases your individual and organisational commitment and demonstrates your ability and capability to feasibly conduct the work.

Tens of thousands of grant makers give away approximately $300 billion annually. We at Busy Pencils are committed to helping you meet and exceed these grant makers and grant givers requirements and guidelines.

Company Profile Creation

We prepare and design professional company profile with eye-catching visuals that lends credence to, and act as a convincing supporting document for companies to win bids, contracts and opportunities. Company profiles are designed with the intended audience in mind, thus it can be simple or elaborate. An ideal company profile exposes your company’s true image, and outlines basic information that communicates clearly your brand, leadership and management team, primary offerings, key processes and company achievements.

Looking to boost your brand image? Contact us today and let us work out a solution that exceeds your expectations.

CV Writing

CV is a written overview of a person’s experience and qualification for job opportunities. It is a personal marketing and branding document that aims at showcasing an individual’s qualifications, notable achievements, skills and work experience.

We offer a professional CV, resume and cover letter writing services that differentiates you from the crowd by effectively selling the benefits you have to offer.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies precede business plan writing. Your business plan is as solid as the result and content of your feasibility research/ study. A well conducted feasibility evaluates the viability of a business or project before money and efforts are committed to it. It seeks to determine how technically feasible a business or project is, within the estimated cost range and under the present environment and condition.
At Busy Pencils Innovations ltd, we appraise business and project potentials on four fundamental factors of economy, management, organisational culture and perception & atmosphere.

Conducting a feasibility study before embarking on a business venture is a good business practice as this will enhance the probability of success, attracts investors and identifies reasons not to proceed.
We offer expert analysis of all the pertinent aspect of feasibility study; identify and illustrate alternative business scenarios and models that will provide outlined criteria for proper business decision making among alternatives.

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